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Indulge Body Wash

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Indulge Body Wash

Gentle and moisturizing body wash that is hand made in small batches with natural ingredients formulated to leave your skin clean, smooth and soft.
Available in the scents:
Unscented ( has light notes of shea and cocoa butter due to ingredients)
REVEL (formerly "Come Thru" - a combo of fruit, florals musk & sugar)
DELIGHT ( formerly "Hey Girl Hey" - a combo of citrus, floral Amber & musk)
FAVOR ( formerly "Yes Ma'am!" - a combo of florals & vanilla)
BASK ( formerly "Hunnay " a combo of almond coconut milk, vanilla & honey)
GRACE ( formerly "All this Magic" a combo of cocoa butter, coconut butter and cashmere)

Size: 7.9oz|235ml